Govern for Australia and our environment, not your egos.

What a fiasco the general election is turning out. The far right are screaming even though Pauline Hanson ( Australia’s Farage) is elected back into the Senate.  She is already calling for a royal commission on Halal food, next it will be kosher, organic certification for clean food , veganism, even Chinese. Unfortunately her words are not based on fact.

I wonder what she thinks of the cruel live animal trade which see’s horrific treatment of animals the moment they are loaded onto cramped ships?

The ultra left has moved to the centre with the Green party losing one of its more articulate senators. The outlook is bleak…………….the environment and climate change barely mentioned, even by the Greens with their new leader proving to be little more than a man in an expensive suit. His support of Senate reform, siding with the conservatives, has given us even more of an uncertain future.

No mention of population numbers and our excessive production of carbon into the atmosphere. Australia considered second, per population, to carbon output to the world’s number 1, Saudi Arabia.

Irony too ABC TV showed a promo from the House of Windsor celebrating the monarchy and the Queen’s 90th alongside of her very privileged family. Advertising rules.



Australia has to grow up. We have to learn how to adapt, from our inflated life styles to actually costing everything we consume and the waste products we spew into the atmosphere. Life style shows on TV are all about 3 bathrooms at least and more living space. Grand designs has a lot to answer for.

The cost of this election campaign ( so much glossy paper in my mail box)  could have provided permanent renewable energy to a city at least.

The Greens should get back to the environment and stop spreading themselves so thinly. The koala is on the verge of extinction.



An off side, those of us who work on regeneration with out herbicides have experienced the same hostility we see in our political class, from the land-care groups who receive generous government grants to use herbicides.

Because we challenge and volunteer our precious time and show by action in our hand removal of plants, considered by some as an invasive, we  remove the need of  the old thinking ( 1970s) that would see a herbicide used. Quick and easy as herbicides seem, the uncovered damage in the long term is just starting to be seen. The Great Barrier reef has traces of herbicide run-off. Our local  Wilson’s Creek is under serious threat from pollutants which start in our valley ( head water ) as Coral trees on its banks are poisoned to then fall into the running water.

See a recent report on the state of Wilsons Creek. Head waters of Coopers and Wilsons are in our Shire, which has one of the highest Green votes in the country, so why are these same voters treating these waters with such disdain?


When I venture into town I see lawns with mounds of ant soil and worm castings on some. Next I see a lawn completely free of the small mounds of recycled soil.  Poisoned.

The same inability to talk to us from the pro herbicide groups, just like  our politicians when elected,  to share the credible science emerging from independent research from all over the world, that Round-up and Dicamba are poisonous to far more than the targeted plant. Chemical Companies own research is what is peddled here. Also the bleak fact that governments take money from these same companies.

Remember what the tobacco companies said all those years ago?

Dedicated locals are out there.

It is time to start working with the environment, not against it.


Just in.

People power just dealt another blow to Monsanto & Co. The European Commission approved Glyphosate (Monsanto Roundup) in the 11th hour last Thursday — but only for 18 months instead of 15 years. And now the agrichemical industry is crying bloody murder!


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2 responses to “Govern for Australia and our environment, not your egos.

  1. Great piece, I feel really let down by all of them. Arguing over things I thought we’d settled. And meanwhile, the weather gets crazier and coal mines get getting approved! Thanks for your words.


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