Urgent for NSW’s remaining habitat.


Strong land-clearing laws are often the only thing that stands between precious habitat for wildlife like koalas and a bulldozer.Yet the Baird government is determined to scrap these laws, putting our wildlife at risk.

Cracks are emerging in the government’s plan though. Scientists, conservationists and farmers have all slammed the plan and pressure is mounting on the government to go back to the drawing board.

You can be the line of defense for wildlife by getting your Member of Parliament on the case. Join thousands of NSW residents and send an urgent email to your MP now.

There’s not much time left to act. MPs will soon all meet in Sydney to decide the fate of the laws that protect wildlife, farmland and our climate from out-of-control land-clearing. We simply can’t afford to follow Queensland and increase land-clearing.

Let’s make sure they know that we, their electors, are watching and are prepared to act.


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