Inspiring and depressing.

I stayed up late last night after watching Michelle Obama’s amazing speech during which I couldn’t help thinking she should be running for the top job. To be followed by another equally inspiring and passionate speech from Bernie Sanders. Sanders has the courage to say it as he sees it. Climate change is at last moving to center stage.

What a contrast to our election campaign which was about as inspiring as a chemically sprayed road side.

Where is the inspiration?  Just more of the blame game.

At last, a glimmer of hope after the show man Trump yelled his way through his bid to be President of the USA last week.



This was after the shocking 4 corners program, on ABC TV I view, on the appalling physical abuse metered out to children incarcerated in the N.T. detention center’s for juveniles. Makes me shudder at the life long damage that is being inflicted on these children. And I wonder about the rest of the country’s lock ups, including our off shore sites, which incidentally are run by a company owned by some of the richest families in the world.

The government, and we need real leadership here, needs to act and scrutinize every detention center that the Australian tax payer is funding.

N.S.W is building even more prisons.

We seem to be very good at Royal Commissions but there seems to be little change at ground level after the findings have been tabled. Once something leaves the head-lines we forget. The Federal Indigenous minister should go immediately.

The same can be said on many fronts. We are good at throwing our hands in the air but little changes.

Like the live animal export trade. We all screamed blue murder when 4 Corners exposed the appalling cruelty meted out to sheep and cows which we export. Yet a friend, who recently witnessed live cattle being shipped out of Darwin, noted the offensive smell as the ship passed his small boat by in the harbor.

He said it was the smell of fear.


But on the bright side for us herbicide free advocates. Another large macadamia farm has contacted me to say they are converting to Certified Organics after the build up of herbicide residue was detected in a soil analysis.

herbicides-destroy Another herbicide free inspiration below.

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