Bayer and Monsanto.

There have been ups and downs in the romance between Bayer and Monsanto, but this week they publicly announced their engagement. Monsanto has accepted a $66 billion offer from Bayer, heralding another mega merger between pesticide and biotech corporations.

This has already been a big year for consolidation in the agricultural sector, with Dow-DuPont and Syngenta-ChemChina deals well underway. If all mergers go through, just three corporations will control 59 percent of the global seed market and 64 percent of the pesticide market — raising serious concerns about control of food and farming in the U.S. and globally.

None of these mergers are a done deal yet. There are signs, as reported by Tom Philpott of Mother Jones, that “such hyper-consolidation of markets that are so crucial to the global food supply may be too much for U.S. and EU antitrust authorities to digest.” Here’s hoping.


Hear what the German Green MPs think.

With the election of our new Council and with pre election pledges on herbicide use being phased out, lets hope we can work alongside  our new Council. Instead of paying contractors to spray, send them out with the herbicide free volunteers, to teach them a healthier outcome for our water, soil and ultimately for the workers themselves. That the alternative to poisons is the only responsible way ahead.

Its also very satisfying to work at soil level over a period of time.


Private land spraying.




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