SBS TV a glimpse of LGBTIQ Sydney’s dark history.

With the equality issue raging amongst some of our yesterday politicians and religious fanatics, this TV series, starting tomorrow night, Wednesday 5th October, will not only open many painful memories for my community, it will high light how many of us have had to live our lives.

It should also highlight what the PM’s plebiscite will mean to the many homophobes that are out there, particularly in rural communities.

Suicide rates are much higher in our younger LGBTIQ country communities here in Australia.

Aboriginal rates of suicide are even higher.

For me, when I first came to Australia I was told by other gay men there were two dangers to be very aware of.

1st was the police, the other, violent males who preyed on the LGBTIQ community.

The following documentary is very moving and distressing, it unravels the truth that Deep Water, the 4 episode drama series was taken from.

When I became a palliative carer to men dying of AIDS in London and Brisbane I developed a third sense to danger.

In London, burning newspapers, faeces and threatening notes were put through letter box hatches into the flats where dying men lay and in Brisbane, it was scary sometimes being an escort to a visibly dying man to a hospital appointment. In the flat where I nursed him for his last 3 months no-one came near us except for 1 old friend. Neighbors averted their eyes.

We have come a long way MR PM…….so why not the final step with a free vote? Also you were elected to lead.

When LB J  became president after JF Kennedy’s murder, he was told by his advisors to drop Kennedy’s far reaching civil rights bill. LBJ replied to those advisers, hell no, I am the leader now and I intend to lead. Kennedy’s reforms were enacted.

I watched a very moving 24 hours in Emergency last night on SBS TV 1.  as an albino near blind 73 year old woman was admitted after falling in her flat. Later, and accompanied by a 45 year old co-sight impaired woman, she talked of her life and how hard it had been. Abused by the nuns in a convent she was committed to as a very young child by her overwhelmed Mother, used as a menial slave there,  following, her adult life had been a constant struggle combatting physical and verbal abuse. She had her pink eyes tattooed black to deflect attention.

She talked of never being loved therefore unable to love back, until this wonderful and persistent 45 year old equal woman came into her life in their special housing unit. The 45 year old persevered with the 73 year old, who often told her to go away, to now in Emergency where she realized that for the first time in her life she was accepted for who she was and was loved as an equal.

London.  St Georges Hospital which I had some experience with in the 1980s.

Powerful tv.

What reassured me was how kind the staff were to her in the Emergency Ward, how all the ethnic diversity represented in that staff should encourage all of us to live in the present. I know the cameras were present so staff will be on their best behavior.

Today here, in our so called enlightened community, there is, still at times, a sense of ‘oh he is only a gay man’, what would he know.



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