Tell Baird.


Donald —

The fate of our wildlife rests in your hands. A proposal to weaken land-clearing laws could be voted on in Parliament as early as next week. If it passes, this would be the biggest weakening of our environmental protections in decades.

Mike Baird’s changes have been widely criticized by scientists, local government and conservation organizations*.

Don’t let Baird push our threatened species like the koala, quoll and pygmy possum to extinction. We need to turn out in force to stop these changes!

Call Premier Baird on 8574 5000! More details and talking points here.

Koala in a tree. Text reads 'Save Our Wildlife Call Baird'

A group of leading experts, The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, have warned these new laws would increase extinctions**. We have too much on the line to let these laws pass!

Stand Up for our wildlife – call Premier Baird 8574 5000. More info here.

Thanks for raising your voice for those animals who can’t, and thanks to all of you who have taken action so far in whatever ways you can.

Corinne, on behalf of the Stand Up For Nature alliance.

P.S. If you can make it to Sydney, next Wednesday we’re rallying for our wildlife outside NSW Parliament house. Join the Save Our Wildlife rally – RSVP here!


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