100 kilos of galangal root stock went out this morning to a conversion to organic status farm. l have only begun using it in some of my stir fries and appreciate its subtle peppery/ginger taste. A robust plant in the garden and I have broken the handles of two forks harvesting it.


Galangal, (Alpinia officinarum ) is a member of the monocotyledonous family Zingiberaceae. Native to Southern China. A reddish rhizome and quite hard. I grate it into my stir fries. The Chinese name for the plant in kao-lian-kian which was corrupted in Persian and Arabic  into khuland-jan and then further by the Europeans into galangal. Seldom used in my culinary past but it is gaining in use around our Shire.

Certainly NOT promoting the wheel barrow in the photo. Poorly designed and prone to tipping if slightly out of balance.

Silkie Oak in flower.


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