Town day, humidity and first summer brief storm.

Town day was fun………….my breakfast at LuLu’s vegetarian restaurant always sets me up for a good day ahead.  The Australian Magpie kept me company while I enjoyed my delicious breakfast.

Thanks to Linda and Tia.



And on the way back into the valley, saw this dead snake on the side of the road. I think it is a night tiger but someone can correct me if wrong.  Beautiful markings and felt sad that it had been killed by a passing vehicle, hopefully not deliberate as I have seen drivers  swerve over the road to kill a snake.  Snakes are protected by law in Australia. A recent new comer to the valley had their small dog taken by a snake and has been heard to say they will kill every snake they see.

Time for the local Greens to become more vocal and active on educating the many new comers into the region who need real advice on how to adapt to our environment.


And the complex issue of waste management. With Mullumbimby’s Music festival in November, at last they are promoting a plastic free event.

Perhaps our towns could reintroduce drinking fountains which I was so impressed with when I first went to Melbourne to live in the 60s. With rising temperatures, now accepted generally outside of a few in our parliament, that rising temperatures’are  not a climate alarmist fantasy, its time to rethink.


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