Paris is growing vegetables.

Paris Enlightened

A new law has been passed by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hildalgo, who has decreed that gardening in the city urban environment is to take precedence.

Everyone is encouraged to have gardens or grow vegetables on office roofs, at home or in the form of living walls. The Mayor wishes to have 100 hectares of growth by the year 2020, with one third dedicated to agriculture.

Under the new law, gardeners must grow sustainable produce or plants without the use of modern pesticides and ‘honey plants’, plants that attract pollinators, are encouraged.

All gardeners will be required to sign a ‘Charter of Vegetation’ and will be issued a three‐year permit with the option to renew. Every gardener must also adhere to the City’s aesthetic component.

Is this a first for Europe?

Greed, greed, greed.

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