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A bird I have never seen here before arrived into the garden yesterday afternoon. I thought it was a coucal but am not sure. ID would be welcome.


Did you hear the news this morning? The Baird government has just committed to reducing NSW’s carbon pollution to zero by 2050!*

This is an important step forward for climate action in NSW. But how will Mike Baird achieve this goal if he goes ahead with his plans to scrap our land-clearing laws?

Trees are a vital component of reducing carbon pollution, but Mike Baird could introduce changes as early as next week that would allow millions of trees to be destroyed, undermining his plans for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Can you email Mike Baird now and urge him to keep our trees in the ground?

We’ve already seen Queensland undo any gains made from $1.7 billion of taxpayer investment in reducing carbon pollution after they increased tree clearing. Our climate can’t afford for Mike Baird to do the same.**

Together, let’s congratulate Premier Baird on his announcement and urge him to ditch his plans to increase land clearing across our state. Take 30 seconds to remind our Premier that keeping trees in the ground is vital if we want to reduce our pollution.

Contact Mike Baird now via his online form.

I wish the government would start governing for the reality of climate change.


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3 responses to “Click on photo to enlarge.

  1. Dear don good picture! I don’t know what it si but I have them here too. Don’t know when there will be wet days for transplanting seedlings, seems set hot and dry. Will they wait till January and the likely wet season? love Mary Fox (Avinashi Saraswati) ph (02) 6684 0469 or 0421 701 949 60 McPhails Rd, Wanganui P.O. Box 23, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482



  2. Ellen

    I think it is a satin bowerbird, female. Miss seeing you. must catch up soon.


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