Hot days have arrived.

Summer heat has arrived so a couple of days mulching, mulching, mulching.


Avocado tree setting numerous fruit. Hope they can hold until edible.


I briefly glimpsed WHERE DOES YOUR MEAT COME FROM  on SBS TV2………………..I saw the pig mum caged to farrow and remembered my childhood when our Father would call us kids down to the pig sty to witness a sow giving birth, usually at night. Her birthing pen was freshly bedded with hay and the delight for us children was to watch as she birthed, sometimes up to 18 piglets. If there wasn’t enough nipples for the little delights to suckle quite often the mother would remove the weakest.  In the morning the Mum would take her little ones outside to explore the large grassed and earth enclosure.







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  1. serena12

    looks lovely x


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