Scott Ludlam.

Wishing one of the best Green Senators a gentle recovery.

It is hard enough being an ordinary environmentalist, to keep above the daily assaults we hear regarding the environment.  Then to see or read the news- which is then coupled with useless products in advertising, all destined for scrap in a short time. Capitalism is eating the planet alive and there are NO leaders anywhere brave enough to challenge the establishment and the inevitable considerable fall out coming from climate change. If one does, he or she is shot down in flames. A recent programme on RN talked to a number of climate scientists who suffer with severe depression due to not being taken seriously by vested interests who refuse to accept the reality the professionals are finding.

I remember John Howard as PM, saying all will be well, carbon capture ect ect will take care of it,  to  only give the green light to carbon emitters to continue pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

I find it hard even here as I watch the cycles of our seasons changing so rapidly to even 10 years ago……… and then  to hear the deniers yell climate has always been changing……… and then the people who say I vote green, then do their gardening with herbicides and drive to the shops every day down the street.

Scott Ludlam’s arrival speech in the Senate was one of those moments we felt change was possible.

Come back soon Scott.

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  1. So true Don. climate change is my biggest worry. I get such support and nourishment from our land. It must be very hard to be surrounded by people speaking against you.
    My sister Caroline Le Couteur has just been elected for the Greens in the ACT. She was MLA for four years previously and she worked probably 12 hours a day 6 days a week for the four years. She got things done and the ACT has plans to be emission free by 2020 partly by her influence. But tough on her and her family.


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