Progressives on the move.

The Greens saw some big wins at the Victorian Local Council elections. These results are no mistake; they’re the result of record-breaking federal election results and a polished, professional campaigning effort. By Naomi Blackburn.

Red-browned Firetail……………….a few have been feasting in the garden mulch.




Nasa recently announced that September was the warmest September on record. There’s nothing too surprising about that – 11 of the past 12 months have been the warmest of each month. Only July did not set a record – it had to be content with being the third-warmest July on record.

The 12 months to September set a new high for the warmest 12-month period recorded (breaking the old record set in August) of 1.04C above the average of the 1951-1980. The same period in 1908 was 0.42C below the average.


He who seeks to understand everything
risks dying of anger.

– Arab proverb


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