Aloe Vera: Liliaceae-the lily family.


Aloe Vera  is a perennial succulent which produces numerous fleshy pointed leaves. It grows very well here and I am on the look out for someone to take an interest in value adding this wonderful plant. My main uses for the gelatinous juice, which is exposed by splitting the leaf, is to combat prickly heat rash along with any other abrasion of the skin.  If I remember to apply the juice before I venture out into the rain forest work areas, or the garden, I usually combat the rash. Also it is a soothing foot and knee balm after a hard day in heavy boots.  I massage the gel into my knees when any pain indicates I have overdone my capabilities.

It is important to remember when extracting the semi-liquid pulp, which contains the gel, to avoid the yellow sap which lines the border with the green leaf.

Many claims have been…

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