More negative news.

don — 
Premier Baird has just passed new land-clearing laws that put our endangered wildlife, climate and bushland at risk.
Some of our most important environmental protections have been scrapped, in a move that could see NSW follow Queensland down a path of broadscale clearing. It’s a decision that will weigh heavily in the hearts of everyone who values nature in this state.
Your efforts, however, have not been in vain. These laws would have been much worse if you had not taken a stand. I know that because together we have:
Put Premier Baird on notice that his attacks on the things we value will be catapulted into the media spotlight and will damage his government’s reputation;
Impacted the laws by securing important improvements such as excluding some areas like high conservation value grasslands, and critically endangered ecological communities; and ensuring that the Office of Environment and Heritage will be responsible for enforcing the law – not the Department of Primary Industries; 
Encouraged the Labor Party to commit to scrapping Mike Baird’s disastrous laws when they are next in government and replace them with strong protections for bushland and wildlife; and
Supported thousands of people like you to stand up for what we believe in, growing the number of wildlife defenders who will continue to be a voice for nature.
Let Mike Baird know you want him to stand up for our wildlife. Comment on his recent Facebook post or tweet at Baird.

With Mike Baird’s new laws due to take effect from July next year, our work is far from over.
The devil will be in the detail that will decided by the government over coming months. We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
Once the trees start falling, we’ll shift gear and make sure the damage caused by the laws is exposed in the media, to decision-makers and to enforcement authorities. We will not look away when these laws accelerate land clearing, and we will hold Premier Baird and his government to account for this vandalism.
With your support, we’ll lobby decision makers and build the case for tearing these laws down.
The outcome is disappointing, but we will not sit idle. Tomorrow, we hold the Baird government to account.
Thanks for all of you have done so far,
Corinne, and all the team at Stand Up For Nature
P.S. Stay tuned for details of a Sydney rally in the coming weeks!

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