Creeks and drains are for water, not herbicides.

Shea updating a sign with her art work.

Spraying into a drain, Left Bank Road, October 2016

From the NSW Greens.

We have just finished the end of the last session of the year in the NSW Parliament and the Senate is about to wrap up – and what a shameful display by the Liberal/National Baird and Turnbull Governments it has been!

In the NSW Parliament they have rammed through changes that will undermine ICAC, the body that holds corrupt politicians and their mates to account. They have weakened laws that protect our environment and biodiversity, to allow increased land clearing. They have put our crown lands at risk of sell-off and overdevelopment. And they have introduced cruel shark nets in our oceans.

While the laws that passed were bad – as Greens MPs we successfully amended the laws to protect commons across NSW, and made sure that the views of so many that the Baird Liberal/National Government ignores were heard.

Sunday night dinner.


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