From Stop the Trawler Alliance.

Make sure super trawlers are gone for good.

We knew this day would come – the Geelong Star super trawler is gone! What a victory! But we can’t stop now, while super trawlers are still allowed in Australian waters. Will you lend your support to Senators pushing for a ban on super trawlers?
Dear Friend,
The super trawler is gone! This is a massive piece of good news for every one of us that cares about overfishing and the deaths of endangered or protected species caught in super trawler nets. It is a massive win for the sustainability of our fishing industry.
But this isn’t the end of the fight. And we’ve got more good news to share. A Senate inquiry has recommended that the Commonwealth Government ban all factory freezer trawlers (super trawlers) from operating in our small pelagic fishery.*
The Government is so close to doing the right thing. Will you help put the pressure on?
Email the Fisheries Minister now
We have more work to do. Other super trawlers could still legally enter our waters. We need to close the door on factory freezer ships in the small pelagic fishery.

We’ve been fighting against the super trawler as a key member of the Stop The Trawler Alliance for years. We’re not stopping now. Let’s build on this momentum and step up the call for action.
No more super trawlers!
Thousands of ocean lovers, recreational fishers and tourism operators are celebrating. What a win for the Stop The Trawler alliance members, supporters and the everyday heroes who have made this milestone win possible!
Wherever you are, we hope you take the time to celebrate this milestone for our sealife. We look forward to your continued support as we embark on the final chapter and a total ban on super trawlers for the small pelagic fishery region.

P.S. The Geelong Star super trawler is gone. But another one could be close behind. Call on the Government to stop these massive trawlers and the damage they do once and for all. Let’s put the pressure on – email now.

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