Fire on Blackbut Plateau.

From 2 pm on the helicopter flew high to collect water from a Doon Doon water source. The beginning of the fire season for us. Phones rang busy, people collected their essentials. By 7 pm the smoke had lessened and the helicopter stopped.
Our creeks are running low. As more residents use the creeks, as their domestic source, its time this consumption was re thought. All have roof space to collect. We should move on thinking our creeks and rivers are there for us to use and abuse anyway we like, clean platypus habitat is in decline, as we rearrange rocks with machines to create human swimming pools. We poison trees we don’t like on their edges and dump rubbish in them. Employment for many in the future when we really start to manage our degraded environment.

Monsanto update from The Hague.

Monsanto was put on trial last month because of you. SumOfUs members donated so people from all over the world could travel to The Hague, Netherlands, and give evidence to the International Monsanto Tribunal.
Great news: the Tribunal was hugely successful! 750 people from over 30 nationalities participated in it and the related People’s Assembly. Eminent judges heard from witnesses, experts and victims about Monsanto’s abuses. Soon, the Tribunal’s advice could really be putting Monsanto in the spotlight  — at the UN’s International Court of Justice.

Sabine Grataloup, first witness to testify before the Monsanto Tribunal, 15 Oct 2016

Monsanto are finally being taken to task. And the International Monsanto Tribunal wanted to pass on this message, to say thanks for chipping in:
“Your generosity made this possible. Thanks to all the SumOfUs members who donated to this initiative, we have been able to insure these witnesses could travel from all over the world to The Hague and their precious testimonies be heard by the judges and become part of the procedure.”

Some of the witnesses and experts who testified before the Monsanto Tribunal and Marie-Monique Robin, Monsanto Tribunal, 15 Oct 2016

This is what being involved in SumOfUs is all about: pooling our strength to make sure people come before profit.
Together, we’ve made a big dent in Monsanto’s destructive way of doing business. But SumOfUs supporters are fighting Monsanto on other fronts too. Right now, ordinary people are also chipping in to stop the nightmare merger of Monsanto and Bayer, which would mean our entire food supply controlled by a few mega-corporations.


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