Rhubarb is a plant ( vegetable or fruit)  that you either like or hate when eaten. However, the leaves of the plant can be effective when used in the garden. Before pesticides and fungicides, many ways of maintaining and improving a garden’s growing potential were utilised. Club Root is a pathogen which can spore over a wide area, mainly attacking brassicas, cabbages, and broccoli. One way of eradicating the contamination is the rhubarb plant,  as well as being used to make rhubarb crumble or jam, the leaves of the plant are known to be toxic. Once the rhubarb stems have been harvested, cut the leaves into strips and place into the ground. Once covered, they will do their best to destroy club root. Alternatively, boiling the leaves and pouring over the ground will have the same effect. Nature always has ways of dealing with garden problems naturally.



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