Green Army Joining Huonbrook Herbicide Free Active Volunteers.


At last, after Jayne and my own, plus Pav, Lou, Shea, Tim and Lil and Robyn’s three year Saturday mornings efforts, the Green Army are joining me at 8 30 am, Wednesday 7th December, for a concluding effort for 2016, to remove jump-seed from the roads verges.  A sustained effort to prevent herbicide spraying.



From Mill Road Huonbrook towards Mullumbimby. Under the leadership of John McVicar and my guidance it will be a great start for hopefully introductions for young workers to herbicide-free bush regeneration.

I hope to raise dollars for herbicide free employment in 2017. Watch out for my private crowd funding site.

Now we hear the Green Army is to be disbanded, saving the Canberra government 300 million, we are waiting to hear what the Greens say after the 100 million they were pleased about going to land-care.

More herbicides or real hands on conservation with-out contributing more damage to the environment?

We will wait with-out holding our breath.

Jayne and Lou using their mattocks.






And a continuing reality for LBGTI young people. This from Brisbane. The suicide statistics for young gay people is 6 times higher.


13-year-old Tyrone Unsworth took his life after suffering years of homophobic bullying.

Friends and family of the teen led the crowd which gathered at the CBD in Brisbane to call for action on bullying.

Jess Origliasso from the Veronicas and Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Grace joined hundreds of people at the protest.

Following the news of Tyrone’s suicide, his family received more abuse which deterred his mother, Amanda from speaking at the event.

Jessica Payne, who organised the movement, spoke instead and said his family wanted him to be remembered as “hilarious, funny, beautiful person, full of spirit.”

Payne said: “Things have to change. We can’t just hear more talk. We can’t just let Tyrone be another person lost. Action has to be taken.

“The family has been so inspiring in this regard. The very least we can do is stand with them in solidarity and fight.”

Tyrone took his own life and his mother said that he had suffered through two years of homophobic abuse which pushed him “to the edge.”



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