Thursday and cooler.


After a searing heat day yesterday and being unable to attend to the garden, woke to a cooler morning. Lil left after a super 3 day Christmas visit.

So garden called and with light rain falling it was a pleasure. Beetroot, parsnips, carrots and some potatoes harvested, ready for Christmas dinner. Tomatoes all ripening, cucumbers producing after the light rain.


Garden view looking north. Taken yesterday in 35 degree heat.



A beautiful visitor on a carrot in flower.


Lady finger bananas, too high for me to bag. The king parrots have arrived into the gardens and are feasting on a one bite from the green tamarillos. The bananas are next on their menu.

A flurry of bird activity in the gardens. Scaly breasted Lorikeets feeding in the mass of lily pilly flowers.  Blue wrens in the lomandras, with spangled drongos darting through the air, feasting on flying insects, and the occasional calls of the cockatoos’ as they swoop to the fig trees.


And this little dried cicada I found in an empty jar, obviously trapped unable to escape.


Bohemian    Bay FM, wonderful 3 part series on Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan’s poetry in lyrics.


Don’t think Twice.

Bob Dylan.

Melanie, a folk singer, used to playing small venues in London, who arrived in Woodstock without a clue to the mass audience who was waiting to greet her.

Candles in the Rain as she went on stage she saw thousands of candles waving.

And sometimes the President has to stand naked. 2o17 and we might see it in the next few years if the planet is not denuded first.


And finally………………..Joan Baez,  photos on this clip are beautiful.





















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