Pigs do fly on a Mullumbimby wall.

Hot days and yesterday, in town, started an end of the year heat wave. Up to 40 degrees in the next days predicted while Melbourne experiences “once in a life time” flash flooding.

Preparing dinner last night we watched a wallaby and its young joey grazing around the cabin.  Just before my bed time I heard a constant thumping outside, to then find the carpet snake, resident beneath the cabin, had seized the joey. The mother thumped the ground for an hour as her joey was swallowed. She then sniffed the track the snake made after it moved away.


And as 2016 comes to its end, a mural on a wall in Mullumbimby displays a flying pig. And in a year we saw how fact turns into fiction I wouldn’t be surprised to read somewhere that pigs do fly, especially out of their factory farms.


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