Anxious days for most of Eastern Australia.


Walking out in the dark I came across a cluster of bush hen chicks in the middle of the gravel road. As I shone the torch on them they scurried off to the long grass to the sound of their waiting mother. My footsteps must have disturbed them.



Fingers crossed as the  searing heat engulfs most of Eastern Australia.

An anxious weekend for the country as air conditioners roar and the electricity grid struggles to keep up. I wonder how many politicians and ex politicians are suddenly waking up to their lack of leadership.

A week too as the ugly side of retrograde politicians resurfaced in the House of Representatives, from ugly personal tirades in our parliament, to public meetings where immigrants and homosexuals were singled out.


Photo below from my herbicide-free garden.


From the US Department of Agriculture.

The decline of bees has been linked to climate change, the prevalence of pesticides and habitat destruction.

Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture have been studying the link between a parasitic fungus and declining bee populations there, the Atlantic reports. They found that the fungus infects male bumblebees, swelling their abdomen making them fat, which leaves them too inflexible to mate with the queen.

Queen bees can give birth to drones (males) by themselves but they need to mate with drones to create the “worker bee” females.


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