Bees busy.


During the heat wave I was aware there was an absence of bees in the garden. But yesterday, on the tea bush and every zinnia flower, there was a frenzy of bee activity.

Hi Don,

I hope this finds you well.

I wanted to get in touch with you directly as you’re in a powerful position to help over the next few weeks. Big decisions are being made about the fate of our Coral Sea – the cradle to our Great Barrier Reef and one of the last places on Earth where ocean giants still thrive.

Momentum is strong. More than 50,000 Australians have already contacted the Government over the last few months, asking for our suspended Coral Sea Sanctuary to be restored. This is the crucial moment to tell your local MP they need to be your voice in the Minister’s office, so he makes the right decision. Please send a message to get your MP on board today.

We know from working with MPs across the political spectrum that even just a handful of local constituents can have a powerful impact. MPs measure how much their constituents care about an issue by how much effort they go into contacting them.

But your MP needs to hear that this is an issue of real concern to you – their local constituent. They can make the difference right now by stepping up and talking with Environment Minister Frydenberg over the next week.

Our target is for 10 local constituents in each electorate to contact their local federal MP, urging them to fully restore our National Network of Marine Sanctuaries.

Can you email your MP now? I have some points to get you started here.

Why now?

The future of the Coral Sea Marine Reserve is uncertain. The suspended reserve includes a large sanctuary that is designed to protect our marine life, to help reefs to recover from devastating coral bleaching, and to help ensure we have fish for the future. Outside the sanctuary, it would have also created what is effectively the largest recreational fishing zone in Australia’s history – making the Coral Sea Marine Reserve a win-win for conservation and great fishing.

I can’t overstate what an important moment this is, and the influence you can have at this point. Thanks to your support and thousands around Australia, we’ve built huge momentum since former Prime Minister Tony Abbott suspended our Coral Sea Marine Reserve. The Federal Government has now committed to get it in place by July 2017, but they are considering a proposal for massive cutbacks to sanctuary protection.

Can you help us make sure your MP rejects these devastating cutbacks by sending them an email?

How to get started

We’ve made a page where you can find your local MP and send them an email.

It’s important to let them know you’re a local constituent, and that you’re calling on them to fully restore our Coral Sea Sanctuary, with NO loss of sanctuary protection and NO further delay.

Send your email now.

I hope you’ll be able to take the time to do this, and greatly appreciate your help at such a key moment.

Kind regards and thanks again for your support,




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