Sunday 19th.


Walked out at 7 am………….beautiful colours silhouetted the shapes of the trees.

Searched the road verges for any jump-seed our dedicated team of herbicide-free volunteers might have missed, no more than a dozen which was extremely satisfying.


Poisoned trees next to the running creek.


And the car came off second best in Mullumbimby.


New group aims to restore the region’s rivers

A new group has been formed called Richmond Rivers Rescue which aims to restore the river and its tributaries.

The group, which has been initiated by local landholders along the Wilsons River at Lismore, will be holding public meetings next week to gauge community support.

A meeting will be held in Lismore on Wednesday, 22 February, in the Fountain Room at the Lismore City Hall, while the Ballina meeting will be held the next day, 23 February, in the Richmond River Room adjacent to the library.

Both meetings start at 6pm and finish at 7.30pm.

People attending the meetings will hear from expert speakers on some of the major issues affecting the river’s health.

A list of priority actions will also be drawn up.

Co-convenor Rod Bruem said the initial goals of the group was to gain broad community ownership of a strategy to reverse the decline, with set goals and timeframe.

The group also aims to gain agreement from all stakeholders on a strategy, and to lobby state and federal governments for support in cleaning up the river, described as the most degraded coastal river in NSW.

Another aim will be to educate the wider community on what individuals can do to make a difference.

Shocking when this river is considered to be in the worst state in the total of NSW.  It starts at the head waters, in Byron Shire, a Shire that once aspired new comers to be GREEN and CLEAN.




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