Humid. Rain fell at 6 pm on Friday evening and well after I was home.

Town day yesterday which was informative and at the same time discouraging on herbicide use by contractors with-in the Shire.  One man said he saw a pink liquid being hosed out alongside the public road. He did not get a photograph. Another told me of underhand spraying taking place by Contractors. Urging all who witness indiscriminate spraying to photograph.

Byron Council notices inform us the Bangalow Sportsfields are to be sprayed with Metasulfuron Methyl and MSMA during this month of March. A wet month too and the active life of these chemicals is months.

What happened to the very expensive weed steamer Council purchased?

Being used on sports fields.

Re metsulfuron: was from research I did a while back. I think paper was from Cornell Uni. In New York.
Not to plant in treated areas for at least 1 year. Should not be used in consecutive years to avoid accumulation in soils. Low toxicity to birds and honey bees. Kills native grasses. Breakdown in soils is dependant on soil temperature, moisture content and ph. Degrades faster under acidic conditions and high moisture content and high temperature.

Thank you to Sharon for the above information. Byron Herbicide Free  Active Volunteer Group.

I will blog on this later, after a meeting called in 2 weeks time to work out the direction the growing number of Herbicide-Free Active Volunteer Groups take.

Busy morning shovelling gravel out of the under road pipes. Transplanted lomandras along the river bank and generally caught up after this weeks down pour.  Thanking wandering jew which has prevented severe erosion on a steep bank.


Blurry but this fly/bee was hard to photograph on Jayne’s rosemary shrub.

So short term politics rule, not only on our local level. Remember the promise of a herbicide-free Shire on all public land by a green rep? How many years ago was that?


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