Garden full time.

After the flood I had no idea how or what would survive in the vegetable gardens.  So the last week I have spent time, after regen work, on a discovery adventure.

Discovering seedlings sprouting everywhere.

Transplanted cabbages and cauliflower amongst the newly sprouted coriander .From Isabel and Daisy’s visit at Easter, when they scattered seed. Chilli abundant, all going vibrant red at once.

2 carpet snakes, both thin, have to be kept an eye on. One stalks the eldest hen who has become a little vague outside the pen.

Yacon flower.  Its tubers have loved the rain, as have the turmeric and ginger, all bursting from the soil. Yacon is delicious grated as a salad, a crunchy apple and celery combination taste ways. Its younger leaves I use in stir fries.

The kales and brassicas generally I thought would succumb, after hanging limp for a week, have rebounded.

Pak choi and Bok choi never looked back and responded as soon as the water had run off the gardens.

This summer there have been fewer monarch butterflies in the gardens. The cotton plants I leave on the perimeters of the vegetables have not grown well this year. So pleased to see 2 caterpillars munching away on the remaining leaves.


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2 responses to “Garden full time.

  1. Heiko

    Wonderful news. As I said to you, mother nature will find a way to grow up new life…


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