I like coffee. No more than two brews a day. I have 10 trees and this year there will be a good harvest. I spend some time pulling seedlings out, due to the king parrot loving the red cherry sweet skin covering the two beans. A beautiful small tree, loves it here and thrives. This region could grow enough for local consumption.

When I am told, you shouldn’t grow coffee, a weed, my reply is ‘do you drink coffee and where does it come from.’ Usually end of conversation.

I pick the cherry when red. Usually a three week harvesting effort.

when the outer is removed, the bean is left to forment in a glass bowl. When sticky and gritty the beans are then thoroughly washed and spread out to dry.

Drying the shelled beans in the sun.  Once shelled, a mesh cloth and mallet, the beans are ready to be roasted.

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