Bower birds spring arrival.

Sun still making an appearance, so town day was fun. Got back by 12 30pm so an afternoon in the gardens. Bower birds had done their usual by finding the cabbage and broccoli, newly transplanted, and delicately clipped them all back to their stems. They will survive and usually this is the only time in their growth that bower birds eat them.

The bowers birds are getting busy right now constructing their bowers. More females and younger males have arrived and the permanent bower owner, on the edge of the gardens, is keen to show the females the take away restaurant that is my gardens.

As the number of blue objects have declined as rubbish awareness has become important, the garden bower is decorated with the blue tobacco flower along with blue clothes pegs.

An earlier bower from 10 years ago.


A strangler fig, the seedling I placed in a hardwood stump, as it is now. 18 years from seed to this.

Hundreds of red cedar seedlings are emerging behind the cabin grounds. Cleared of lantana 15 years ago, through the native raspberries and bracken the rain forest is reclaiming.

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