Farmers in Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri are reporting extensive crop damage from dicamba, the herbicide being used on Monsanto’s latest GE soy and cotton.

Particularly prone to drift into neighboring fields, dicamba is toxic to broadleaf plants like fruit, nuts, vegetables — and non-GE soy.

Even USDA scientists warned that pesticide drift would be a problem with these seeds. It’s time for the agency to reverse its decision and pull Monsanto’s “Xtend” seeds off the market.


Speak up today! Urge decisionmakers to protect farmer livelihoods over Monsanto’s bottom line.


On the USA PBS news on SBS reported a new study from an American university which found  worker bees that had been affected with insecticides stopped cleaning their hives which eventually killed the brood off.

Bayer, the chemical multinational, did their OWN research and had a different result. In that research they admitted some exposure was harmful but not as drastic as the latest American research found. Protecting their bottom line it appears.



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