Richmond River’s D minus score to be explained

The water quality in the Richmond River is of poor quality, and the experts are coming to Ballina to explain why. (pic supplied)
An information session next week will bring two scientists to Ballina to explain why the Richmond River copped a D- score in a 2014 study into river catchment health.
Dr Sarah Mika and Dr Ben Vincent from the University of New England (UNE) will provide an explanation of the poor score at a session at the Ballina Surf Club on Wednesday, 26 July, from 6pm.
Their independent Ecohealth assessment examined ‘key environmental indicators throughout the Richmond River catchment including water quality, riparian (riverbank) vegetation, geomorphic (channel) condition and macroinvertebrates (water bugs), and reports on their condition.’
Data was applied to regional and national guidelines for healthy rivers, and then a scorecard given.
In the Wilsons River catchment, Leycester Creek received an F, Coopers Creek  a D+, Byron Creek  a D- and Wilsons Creek a C-..
‘The University of New England have been looking at various river catchments over the past six years, using the same investigation framework to classify river health,’ said Dr Mika.
‘This event will give the community an opportunity to learn more about the diverse environmental factors affecting the health of the Richmond River.’
The presentation will also explore what the scores mean in particular catchments, focusing on the results gathered from within Ballina Shire.
All community members are welcome, however seats are limited. Please RSVP either on 6686 1210 or email to secure your place.

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