Thursday, sunny and 22 degrees.

Sun, cool, what better working conditions is there?  Yesterday spent doing follow up, odd lantana uprooted and layer.  Around the grove I planted trees 10 years ago on the day of my Mother’s funeral in New Zealand.

Sun shining through the canopy, already dominated by a giant sting tree with its leaves lace worked by hungry mouths.

Got the gravity water line working after a blockage. So was time to change the bath pond water in the garden and sieve the healthy tadpoles out for the water change. Lovely garden tea provided by the emptied water.


 Exploring the clean water.

Turmeric, imported from Vietnam and Myanmar have created a, nation wide  glut. Less than $6 a kilo at wholesale markets in Sydney and Melbourne I am told. Lot of the mother stock came from here, planted else where 2 years ago and have produced abundantly this year. Its not wanted. The coral of the soil I call Turmeric, 5 years ago it began to be noticed locally. fast growing needing little attention in the garden.

Selling for $40 a kilo in Mullumbimby back then.  The year before kale took off. I couldn’t grow enough for demand as a certified organic grower.

Its time all organic labelling on food is authenticated.



Kookas watching me in the garden at 7 am.

The nectar seeking birds in greater numbers this year  sipping from the Coral tree flowers . Diminished nectar sources due to the extermination of down valley Corals via glyphosate.

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  1. Jan wolf

    Hi Don,
    I can’t find any where to buy fresh turmeric in North Wales . I used to get it in organic veg shops in west wales when I was down there – at a price., wonderful stuff.

    Thanks for your lovely card, such a pleasure to receive,


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