Urgent. NSW.


There’s just one day left for Premier Berejiklian to delay her disastrous tree clearing laws from coming into force from TOMORROW.
Last week the Australian Senate called on the Berejiklian Government to delay the start of its destructive laws, and the family of murdered public servant Glen Turner wrote to the Premier voicing their deep concerns about the laws.
The Berejiklian Government has been plagued by environmental scandals and our Premier must be weighing up if it’s worth unleashing a wave of tree clearing and habitat destruction across NSW.
Please call Premier Berejiklian’s Office today to request the laws be delayed. Her office number is 8574 5000, suggested key points to help you are provided below. Today is our last day to delay the laws.
If these laws go ahead, we can expect to see trees bulldozed en masse across NSW, pushing animals like the koala closer to the brink of extinction. However, we are not walking away from nature and we know that you’re not either.
You don’t need to be an expert to call, it’s vital that our Premier knows that people all across NSW are concerned. Last week together we flooded the Premier’s inbox with messages of concern, now let’s up the ante and take to the phone lines.
Please call Premier Berejiklian’s office today on 8574 5000.


There is still time for Premier Berejiklian to intervene to prevent this destruction.
Thank you for standing with us and sharing this message widely with your friends and family.
Daisy, Corinne and all of us at the Stand Up For Nature alliance

Key points to make when calling the office of the Premier:
– I understand that the Australian Senate has passed a motion asking the NSW Government to delay the implementation of its new tree clearing laws.
– Ecologists predict that vital wildlife habitat across NSW will be destroyed if these laws take effect.
– These laws lack the essential vegetation mapping that will allow landowners to determine what they can and can’t clear.
– It is totally irresponsible for the NSW Government to switch on these laws on 25 August when this mapping has not been finalised.
– I ask our Premier to delay the commencement of the laws until accurate mapping is completed and publicly available, and the Premier can assure me that wildlife will not be worse off.

Huonbrook New Forest.


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