At last, LGBTIQ life stories are coming out into mainstream.

I am always disappointed that the basic human rights of LGBTIQ people are being used and pilloried by the opportunistic politicians, made worse  when the  present government pandered to the bigots in its own party and disallowed a free vote in parliament.

Our present PM was elected in the gay heartland of Sydney. 2 years our community has endured a focus like never before, often cruel and demeaning.

Over my many years I have witnessed/encountered a wide range of direct discrimination, in hospitals, same sex partners denied access to their dying partners in some states, to hostile challenging of wills after the death, by family members who had never bothered or cared about their kin during their lives. In employment and in housing. When I first moved to London in the early 70s and searched for accommodation  I would see signs in newsagent windows that read ” No Irish, No Blacks and No Queers.”

I know a lot has changed for the better since those grim days but like a lot of things in life, attitudes modernize but underneath hard core homophobia does not. I still hear it in language from people whom I thought were more enlightened. Why are our sex lives any different to anyone else’s ?

For me personally, marriage was never on my radar but for many I know think its a public affirmation which, for better and for worse, will provide them with a confirmed stability, something many gay people have never felt and  have sought in other ways, sometimes ending in suicide.

Marriage to me is a sacrament, some gay people seek that as a confirmation to who they are as a human.

Simply said its about equality in the eyes of the law and if a florist or a baker do not wish to sell their product for the celebration of a gay marriage, then its still about inequality. But then the power of the dollar should over rule such bigotry. Gay weddings are big business. Their loss in the long run.

Now with the media frenzy ( by the way, climate change and what it will really means, doesn’t get a look in ) many incredible, moving and sad stories are emerging from the gay community on what many have endured over their life times.  I think as I read and listen to these stories and the resilience of many that its very timely these stories are being told.

One plus one…………..worth a viewing.

One day, my journals from my early days, will be looked at again. Warts and all.

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