Soil degradation.

Good morning working in a valley which was half layered with lantana mulch 6 years ago. Follow up should have been achieved earlier which made for some hard slashing. But to clear around emerging rain forest trees, self sown, is very satisfying. A variety too, from red, white and pencil cedars to rosewoods. The soil is teeming with life beneath the cover of lantana and in this area I have found discarded birds nests.

Me feeling quite satisfied  with my hardy brush hook.

No wonder with the huge increase in synthetic fertilizers and herbicides to maximize harvests. Banks and governments have a lot to answer for.

Davidson Plum tree in blossom. This plum makes the most delicious plum jam and for a savory twist, a sauce with chilli…………..I remember plum jam my Mother used to make and in my adult life always disappointed at a bought product. Then I tasted Davidson Plum jam and I would never buy a shop product again.

The Coral tree is still in full blossom and attracted King Parrots, lorikeets, honey eaters and Noisy minors. I have never seen such a variety of birds feasting which I put down to the killing/poisoning of the trees down the valley and the birds are seeking sustenance. Little else flowering as we wait for rain.



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