From The East London Gardening Club.

Ban Use of Glyphosate-based Herbicides
Stop using glyphosate-based herbicides on our food and our soils. Not only is glyphosate absorbed by plants treated with the chemical, but it is also absorbed into the ground, contaminating our water. Protect our well-being and our environment.
Glyphosate is a chemical that is used in many herbicides, but scientists are now finding that glyphosate is toxic and tied to a number of serious health-related issues, including birth defects and infertility. The wide-spread use of glyphosate is contaminating our water and our food, affecting both those that consume glyphosate-treated products and those that do not.
Learn more:
Many countries have banned Glyphosate, others have agreed restrictions on its use.
Why is this important?
Failure to ban Glyphosate until it has been universally proven not to be a cancer agent, or in any other way harmful to both the plant kingdom and humanity is wrong. It took 40 years approximately to ban DDT.


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  1. Andy Kain

    Would be good to learn more!


  2. Interesting. Will be looking into this more! Thanks.

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