A week of change.

Internet down for a week…………phone lines hazy. Wondering if a deliberate strategy to get us land liners onto satellite. My phone lines run across the ground, I see sticky tape holding a little black box onto the wires?

With weather continuing its roller coaster , from cool to humid, a good week in the garden. The growth is super charged, over night a cougette/zucchini becomes a marrow. Corn 2 mitres high, a dwarf variety.

Green grocer cicadas ending their short three weeks of life, crash landing to the ground, kookaburras and the hens compete.



And with our valley seeing large scale camphor laurel tree poisoning it has been observed Koalas feasting on the camphor leaves. With ads continuously on TV about the dramatic decline of the koala population the poisoning of this habitat is contributing to the koala’s struggle to survive.

Surely wiser heads have to pull the plug on this wholesale destruction of an adapted habitat. It has been reported too that 3 butterflies, native pigeons, numerous insects depend on the camphor laurel for survival.

Another crime against the environment.



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