Peter Andrews.

Peter Andrews, who Don Watson writes about in THE BUSH, believes weeds are in the eye of the beholder and in general, he shares the view articulated by the environmental scientist and writer, George Seddon, that weeds are stateless persons with no civil rights ‘, dissidents, plants that don’t properly belong. Essentially, as Seddon says, plants are ranked as weeds if they are contrary to human intentions. But what if the intentions are contrary to common sense? For Peter Andrews, so called weeds are an essential aid to the lands regeneration. If blackberries and willows are holding the banks of a stream together, leave them there. ( Poisoned coral tree roots pulling the banks of Wilson’s Creek into the water as viewed last Friday ). Control them by slashing,planting natives shade trees etc. but don’t poison them. For Andrews, the residual effects on the food we eat, the water life and the people who work and grow the food constitute one of the major arguments against herbicides and chemical farming in general. Weeds deep fibrous roots draw up moisture and minerals and not only hold the the soil together, but make it porous, fertile and ready for the emergence of native grasses and other plants. The weed, to quote an earlier admirer, is the “”’pioneering agent of Nature’.

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