Make it more than just window dressing.


Can we do something better here in the Byron Shire?
Around the world, more and more people are trying to find ways to improve democracy and to make it more representative.

Byron Shire Council Mayor and Councillors, together with the Research Committee of the newDemocracy Foundation


to participate in the Byron Shire Community Solutions Panel

The Byron Shire Community Solutions Panel will be a representative group of people, picked at random like a jury, that will directly influence Council’s decisions on infrastructure priorities for the next four years.

If you want to be part of making a fundamental change to how we do democracy, register your interest and availability now. You will be paid $300 for your time.

We need you.

You will be part of making a difficult decision for your community – but that’s what democracy is about. There is no qualification or pre-requisite to be eligible for selection. There is no one better, more expert, or who can contribute more: democracy is for all of us.

The Panel will bring together a diverse group of individuals and it is this diversity – of knowledge, life-experience and perspectives – that will enable the group to consider issues from all standpoints.


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