From East London Community Gardens.

The Best Pesticide

Crop land does not exist in a bubble, which means some of the pesticides sprayed onto the land end up contaminating neighbouring fields, soil, water and air. Even in the case of systemic pesticides, which are taken up into the plant as a whole via pesticide‐treated seeds, about 95% of the substances do not end up in the plant cells where it was intended but blown off as dust or permeating the soil and water.
Glyphosate‐resistant super weeds like pigweed are now driving farmers to seek out dicamba‐resistant crops. But dicamba‐resistant weeds have already sprouted in the USA, raising serious doubts that piling more pesticides on crops will help farmers or the environment in the long run. The ultimate solution is not to fight against nature with the use of harmful chemicals, but to work with it, and even learn from it.
Wildflowers are the best pesticide since they embrace the natural tools already in existence to keep pests in check.

Another 2 Councils in London have banned Round-up.

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