The week of the snake and baza.

A very malnourished carpet snake came to the end pineapple turmeric garden 6 weeks ago. When ever I was working close to the ground it would come towards me in a lethargic way.

Yesterday it lay dead with another much larger carpet snake next to it. This morning, a second large well nourished carpet snake has appeared.  They faced off but slithered away when I arrived, without the camera unfortunately. Territory wars ahead maybe? Hopefully much cooler weather on the way.

There are three much younger carpet snakes in the outside garden. With 3 new pullets, raised in a cage, its been a little fraught letting them free range with out me with them. I check where the snakes are coiled up before I let them out of the hen house. Goannas too are still looking for food.

Wednesday last, a baza crested hawk swooped up the 4th pullet, a shy black australope. I had just come indoors and I hadn’t checked the trees for danger. The baza keeps silent. All I saw was a glistening light grey baza andthe black pullet disappearing into the trees.

Kookaburras stalk tiny chickens.


Now lantana slash, pull, mulch season is underway we usually take what ever fruit from the gardens. Now the Cavendish bananas are fruiting, ideal hard labour refreshment.

Chilli chilli chilli. Harvest on Tuesday when a chilli sauce maker is coming to pick.


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  1. Thank you . I love your posts and attitude .

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