Mist, light rain and a couple of minutes of sun.

Mist rolling through the valley………………..rain soon followed.

Walked out yesterday at 5 am. Light rain at the beginning of my 5 k walk. Umbrella, torch, driza bone rain coat. Rained all the way, my slouch bag got wet as did my socks and trousers. But enjoyed every minute. Only the sound of rain drops on my umbrella as a dodged pot holes full of water, streams of water across the road as blocked drains built up. My walking boots, so comfortable, need to be retired for dry walking only.

Hearyt breakfast at Lulu’s in town soon warmed me up.

Its common sense. We need manual work crews to unblock the drains, remove the silt from under road pipes and sensibly plant lomandra at strategic spots. The pot holes got even worse when I reached the sealed patched road. No drainage at all and the road must have sprung 20 large potholes over a couple of wet weeks.

No wonder everyone is complaining. Vehicles require many services using our roads. Tyre alignment essential often, especially for posties.

Jayne, the valley postal contractor has to zig zag many stretches of pot holes. To avoid is often impossible.

Also she has to endure occasional herbicide  liberally sprayed around letter boxes, I could smell it at one stop. Same time to spray they could whipper snip or better still, hand weed. 2 severe examples yesterday of intensive road side private spraying.

The creeks were flowing after the night of rain. King fishers on a tree over the water, watching.

Overall a good day.



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