Feral dogs attack.

A grueling week just past.

Our end of the valley experienced its first home invasion across the road from my entrance. 4 am saw a vehicle drive into a house occupied by women and children. Luckily no one was hurt but lap tops, mobile phones and kitchen utensils were stolen.

It has set all of our nerves on edge and yesterday I was told another property was invaded at the end of a nearby road.

Then after discussing security procedures with a neighbour , I let my hens out to free range as usual while I went to clip the excess growth along the  edges of my entry access. No more than and hour and when I came back to my gardens hen feathers everywhere.  6 hens had been killed.

Feathers and blood over a wide area.

My remaining 4 hens were traumatised.

I saw 2 feral dogs weeks ago during my lantana work, staring at me through the foliage. I keep thinking there must have been more than 2 dogs to take 6 grown hens as they did.

I am devastated.




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2 responses to “Feral dogs attack.

  1. parisp15

    Oh darling Don I’m so sorry!!!I feel so devastated for you.!!!!I know you love your hens as did i!!!I feel sick.Sending you all my love from Luxemburg.
    Take care xxx
    Love you xoxo Carmelina xxx


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