Domestic dogs meet the Feral dogs.

After the extraordinary week just past, I have learnt the offending dogs that massacred 6 of my hens, have been identified. The 2 escapees, from new comers to the valley, returned to their home with one badly mauled. Obviously they strayed onto feral dogs territory and there was a battle.

A white heron mutilated carcass was found nearby.  While we have this media blitz on koalas and how they are endangered ( too late here) what chance do they have?

Wow, its flabbergasted me. Our local government spruke our biodiversity yet there is no effort to co ordinate real estate agents with our on the ground reality. Many new comers, and this has not changed over the years, come from the cities with their dogs and see all our remaining open space as freedom for their once city bound pets.

Koala grave marker here.

A glimpse of the ocean.

And as I viewed hectares of poisoned camphors down the valley ( habitat for scores of fauna ) I feel our local green rhetoric is null and void.



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