Monsanto( Bayer) faces masses lawsuit action over its weed killer Round-up.

Headlines in our local paper and an editorial on Pesticide use in our Byron Shire. As we see an increase of herbicide use through out the Shire. From large stands of Camphor and Coral to drain and creek edge spraying with Round-up.

Investigative Journalist, Cary Gillam will be a guest speaker at the Byron Writers Festival from August 3 to the 5th.

Its hard to avoid plastic, even for me living here. I take bags to the health food shop and the market. But invariably plastic creeps in. Luckily very little but I still have to hand carry it out to the recycled bins now placed around Mullumbimby streets. I pick up too from the road sides when I walk out. Mostly the lined crisp bags, coffee takeaway containers, the odd beer can ( I remember first arriving in Australia in the 60s as a teenager and hitching over most of the east coast, being horrified at the amount of broken beer bottles and general rubbish along the sides of the roads.)

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