Gentle Rain breaks our dry spell.

Gentle rain over night which was very welcome. If it continues for another few hours, the garden will be ready for a spring planting.

A few weeks here with out rain soon shows as vegetables rush to seed and the bower birds arrive to feast on any un covered green leaf in the gardens. This year too the odd pineapple ripening can be hollowed out in a day by the bower.

Its been a week of birds, swallows, crows, yellow breasted robins, noisy pittas,crimson rosellas, king parrots and more all gathering nesting material and devouring what ever is ripening in the paw paw area.

The white cockatoos above, have harvested most of the mandarins on an older tree, to leave the ground beneath in a carpet of one bite mandarins. Why just one chunk I wonder? A group of 5 have been making a racket most mornings to then go silent, flying low into any citrus tree.

Also this years for the first time they have stripped 2 coffee trees of its cherries.



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