The president of the National Farmers Federation, Fiona Simson, has declared that climate change is making drought worse in Australia and says tiptoeing around the subject does not do regional communities any good.
“It is the effect of climate change we need to be aware of that makes the impacts of a drought even worse,” she told the National Press Club.
“As a community, we want to talk about it and the more discussions we have about and the more open people are in talking about it, then the less uncomfortable it becomes.

‘No real appetite’: former farmers chief lashes ministers over climate link to drought

“But we absolutely have to talk about it and some of the issues that people tiptoe around because they’re worried about offending people or having a discussion about it, then it doesn’t do us any good as a community.”
Simson, a farmer on the Liverpool Plains, described agriculture as a diverse industry and she was highly critical of much of the current media drought coverage of the broken farmer dependent on handouts.

“I use those words “managing drought” deliberately because managing the drought is exactly what we are doing,” she said.

“Many farmers, including me, take offence to the betrayals of the broken-down, handout dependent farmer profile peddled by many members of the media. That simply is not us.”
She was critical of the government for allowing regional communities to cope with drought in the absence of a “comprehensive national framework to deal with drought”

Read more from the Guardian.

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