Tamarillo in flower.


Tamarillo (tree tomato) in flower. Its scent just after day break fills the air.




Congratulations friends!
Firstly, I am happy that the support to this petition has been renewed due to the latest developments regarding glyphosate toxicity.
Monsanto/ Bayer lost a big landmark court case and despite the sadness of knowing that the winner of this case probably will suffer from his condition until the end of his life, he finally got the biotech giants to lose.
After so many years, so many fights non reported by the mainstream media and so many afflicted parties we have now turned the tide!
And now, after Four Corners broadcast the attention from the public has finally been turned into this matter.
I will not congratulate any mainstream media outlets for finally talking about it since all of them chose not to take any actions for decades, no, I am congratulating us for making our voices heard!

despite the many ways that have been used to divide our society and keep us from addressing the big issues of our time, we can still unite behind a common goal and make things move!
So, thank you again for signing the petition Bunnings Warehouse, please ban cancer causing glyphosate weed killers, and please help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends and family!
Jeremy Douriaux

Mitre 10 too.?


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