With more rain following 3 days of the occasional shower, gardening has been all about transplanting and feeding the flocks of bower birds that come in for newly sprouting seedlings.

Beans are their gourmet favourite at the moment.

This Ibis has become a regular visitor to the gardens too since the early rains began.

Since the court case against Monsanto/Bayer in California, numerous studies from around the world have been published regarding soil health. Most are extremely worrying. Then to be countered by the argument that 7 billion humans have to be fed.  Soil health is being degraded every second of the modern agricultural industrial approach to production and with the wide spread Australian drought, sure smaller  approach to food production has to be the way ahead as climate change variations impact.

When our supermarkets, our health food shops all sell processed and other food from all over the world, surely its time to re focus on seasonal and local food sources and the reeducate ourselves away from the tv cooking shows and retaste what we can grow locally.

Our local Councils need to prioritize local small organic production on the hectares of land we are now seeing mowed.

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