Great Barrier Reef.

Senate hearing was told P&O reported the spill to Amsa but the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority was not informed until 4 September. Photograph: Daniela Dirscherl/Getty Images/WaterFrame RM
A P&O cruise ship spilled 27,000 litres of food waste and grey water into the Great Barrier Reef marine park in August, a Senate estimates hearing has heard.
The Greens senator Larissa Waters told the hearing a report from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority – which is investigating the incident – had been supplied to her anonymously.
The report says the spill occurred on 26 August after food waste was transferred to the Pacific Explorer’s galley holding tank due to a shortage in capacity in its food waste tanks.
Waste from the galley tank was then discharged by engineers in the marine park. The report says the vessel became aware of the incident late on 27 August.
The hearing heard P&O reported the spill to Amsa but the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority was not informed until 4 September.

My first voyage out of Australia in 1971. was from Fremantle, Western Australia.  The boat held 50 0r more passengers. 3 days voyage, sharing a cabin with 3 others, smelly sock smell. At the bottom of the ship.

A wonderful library on the deck, comfortable recliners and I began to read Somerset Maughan. The food in the 2 sittings in the evening was fantastic, the happy Phillipino staff made every one feel like is was the best ocean voyage you ever had.

12 or so Phillipino  joined us on the fore deck at night, a mix of Australians and New Zealanders whom had found the cheapest way to get to Europe, to talk and to watch the single fisherman’s tiny craft, its single light bobbing up and down. I was introduced to hashish.

In the mornings, early, while some of us insomniacs’ were waiting for the dawn, a team of crew came out and tipped all the kitchen waste in to the ocean, plastic had arrived.

Ray of progress on the horizon. Kerryn Phelps.

A heart warming story below.

On a day when our parliament said sorry to the sexual/physical abuse victims in Australian Institutions and wake up that the majority of Australians want Manu/Nauru concentration camps closed down. The compromise to send refugees to NZ is avoiding our responsibility for what we have done incarcerating on a tiny hot island for 5 years or more.









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